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Do you want to achieve the best physical results possible and learn how you can keep making that same rate of progress for the rest of your life?...

Then working with me 1-2-1 is for you.

If you want the guarantee of achieving a head-turning physique and surpass the level of self-confidence you never thought was possible then this is for you. 

The 1-2-1 online coaching service I offer is unmatched in the fitness industry. I'm yet to find another coach that provides the same level of support, guidance, detail and education I provide each of my clients with. I spend as much time as needed to get the absolute most out of everyone I work with - there is no limit on the contact time you have with me. 

My goal as a coach is to not only get you to your goal and beyond, but to educate you on the entire process so that you can take this knowledge away with you for the rest of your life and continue making the same rate of progress yourself. 

If you're interested in finding out more on what my coaching service includes then READ ON! 


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What's Included?

By choosing Prime Physique Coaching, you'll be coached on a week-week basis with daily support for further accountability.


The coaching service itself includes:

- Your Personalised Training Programme (updated every 6-12 weeks)

- Your Personalised Meal Plans x2 (updated every 6-12 weeks)

- Weekly Check-In (submitted via video, voice note or text with video feedback)

- Weekly Exercise & Food Diary Analysis

- Monthly Goal-Setting Call (30 min 1-2-1 call)

- Daily Contact (via WhatsApp)

- Coaching Materials (Welcome Pack, Nutrition Guide and Training Guide)


The comprehensive package ensures you have the expert guidance, support and resources needed to reach your PRIME Physique.

All for £169.00 pcm 

Tailored Training Programme:

  • Updated every 6-12 weeks and reviewed weekly.

  • Maximise your progress in the gym with your personalised programme.

  • Log your progress through the training logbook.

  • Balance between consistency and variety for optimal results.

  • Exercise video demos, guidance notes, intensifiers and more to take your physique to the next level. 

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Weekly Check-In:

  • Provide your 5-10 minute video, voice note or text submissions each week.

  • Expert feedback in a 10-20 minute video response.

  • Gain insights to your progress and follow clear action points for the following week.

  • Plan adjustments based on your circumstances.

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Monthly Goal Setting Call:

  • 30-minute goal-setting call to set process and outcome-driven goals for the month.

  • Also used as a general catch-up to help develop the coach-client relationship.

  • Enhance accountability and motivation throughout the weeks.

  • Discuss any potential plans in the coming month to adjust the plan accordingly to ensure we keep making the ideal rate of progress. 

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Exercise Form Video Analysis:

  • Record form videos at the start, middle, and end of each training programme.

  • Ensure optimal exercise intensity, quality and safety.

  • Expert guidance on necessary changes, mental cues, and individualised setups

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Coaching Materials:

  • Free copy of the 'Eat More to Lose More' ebook included.

  • Copy of Nutritional Guidance document containing everything you need to consider with nutrition.

  • Copy of Training Guide document simplifying everything regarding training in the gym to maximise progress. 

  • Copy of Welcome Pack document outlining everything in the service and what you're required to do. 

  • Valuable knowledge on fat-loss, muscle-gain, nutrition and weight management.


Example Meal Plans:

  • 2x individualised example meal plans for each 6-12 week programme.

  • Meal inspiration and dietary structure to ensure optimal results. 

  • Follow the meal plans exactly, or take what you like from them and you'll be coached on finding the best suited approach to nutrition for you.

Direct Contact (WhatsApp):

  • Direct contact via WhatsApp messenger for any questions, concerns or relevant updates.

  • Receive expert advice and answers to ANY questions regarding fitness, health, nutrition and lifestyle.

  • Constant support on your journey will maximise the efficiency of the coaching process. 

  • I encourage all of my clients to be in contact with me as much as they need, the more you ask me then the more I can coach you and the more you will gain from working with me - there is NO limit on the amount of contact time we have together. 


Train with Me!

  • If located in central Scotland then you will be able to train with me 1x every Training Programme (T&C's apply).

  • In-person guidance and expertise to level up your training and get to know me more as your coach!

  • Overcome any difficulties in your training with in-person coaching. 


How to get started?

Prior to taking on any client I always hold a FREE consultation call first to find out more about yourself and your goals. This is a really relaxed chat to see whether I'm the right coach for you or not, but also gives you the opportunity to find out more about how I work with each of my clients, as well as what we can achieve working together.

Step 1) Book your FREE Consultation Call

Step 2) Find out what you're looking to achieve and what I can do for you

Step 3) Complete the consultation forms 

Step 4) Receive your Welcome Video and we GET STARTED!

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